I’m slammed for getting UC when my husband works full-time - we barely survive (2024)

A MUM has hit back at trolls who claim she shouldn't get universal credit if her husband works full-time.

Nicole Austin took to social media to hit back at meanies - adding that the £1,200 monthly payment she gets barely keeps them afloat.



"I'm so sick of people telling us 'There's no way you get UC if your husband actually works,'" Nicole said.

In the clip, Nicole responded to a comment which read: "How can you be in UC when he works full-time, they wouldn't even acknowledge you because you're together."

Fed up with the judgement, she said: "People aren’t seeming to actually understand how income works nowadays and how Universal Credit works and benefits and things like that."

Nicole revealed that her husband does work full-time as a team leader in retail, however, the rent in their area is so expensive it doesn't cover their outgoings.


She added that he brings home around £1,500 a month and also takes overtime when it's on offer - but that's the general salary for people in their area.

"That's not enough to support a family," she continued.

"Nowhere near. We then get UC on top of that.

"Now we get around £1,200 a month, UC, but again, because of where we live and because of the cost of living and things like that, it doesn't touch the sides."

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The mum-of-four said they're able to survive on the income but the only luxury they get is a membership which allows the kids to partake in after-school activities such as swimming lessons, which was something she wasn't willing to give up.

Nicole also hit back at those who would tell her to make more room in her budget, adding that neither of them owns a car because living expenses are so high.

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"We just about survive, every person is entitled to UC if their earnings are low enough," she explained.

She added that they can claim for two of their children, but are unable to for the others.

"So we claim what we can. We're not fraudulent," the mum said.

"We don't, we're not lying.

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I’m slammed for getting UC when my husband works full-time - we barely survive (9)

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"We get UC because our income is not enough.

"I hope that clears it up for everyone."

The clip posted to her TikTok account @theaustins_1 has since gone viral.

The comment section was divided as many claimed help from UC still wasn't enough, while others claimed it was her fault for struggling.

One person wrote: "My partner and I are in the same boat. He works full time and we get around 1k UC. We have two children. We still have no money left at the end of the month"

Another commented: "My husband brings home £2,400 a month and we get about £1000 sometimes £1200 (he’s self-employed) and we still struggle lol don’t understand why there’s such a stigma around UC."

"You're right kids always come first ignore those people who question you. It's ridiculous they think they have a say in it," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Why are people so judgemental! Leave them alone they are trying their best."

Others weren't so understanding of her experience.

"£2700 a month... I was raising four on my own on £1100 a month and you think you're struggling my income was not enough lol,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "You have four kids? Why have four kids if you are just surviving?"


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"Well, the cost of living crisis happened after they were all born. Plus I stopped getting child maintenance and multiple other things happened. None of your business really," the mum replied.

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I’m slammed for getting UC when my husband works full-time - we barely survive (2024)


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