What is included in the fact sheet of a mutual fund? (2024)

What is included in the fact sheet of a mutual fund?

Before investing in a mutual fund, you should first study its factsheet. The factsheet reflects the personality of the fund – its objective, performance, risk profile and costs. The qualitative and quantitative data in factsheets can sometimes be overwhelming, so here are some key terms to look out for.

What does a fund fact sheet contain?

The factsheet provides all the general information on the fund – its objective or philosophy, options (growth or dividend), plans (direct and regular), net asset value (NAV) of each plan, minimum investment amount, systematic features (SIP, SWP, STP) and assets under management (AUM) data.

What is included in the fund facts document?

The fund facts document is a clear, plain language document that contains key information about the mutual fund you're thinking about purchasing. In no more than two double-sided pages, it explains the basics of what the fund invests in, the risks involved, how the fund has performed, and the costs of ownership.

What is the difference between a prospectus and a fact sheet?

While the Fact Sheet offers a summary of performance, the Prospectus provides a deep dive into the fund's investment strategies, historical performance, fee structures, and redemption policies.

Why is a mutual fund fact sheet important?

Importance of a Mutual Funds Factsheet

A mutual fund factsheet helps to understand the risk, return, the fund's objective, portfolio allocation, etc. With growing awareness about investments and the active promotion of mutual fund schemes, some investors may get trapped by misinterpreting mutual funds.

What material is a fact sheet?

Nowadays companies make facial sheet make with various material such as tencel, bio-cellulose, coconut gel or bean gel. Cotton: Cotton facial masks are hypoallergenic, non-irritating type of mask that holds good amount of serum. They are generally less expensive than other material so it is adequate for daily mask.

What information does fund facts provide to potential investors?

Looking over a Fund Facts document, you'll be able to quickly find out what the fund's 10 largest investments were as of the date that the document was produced, as well as the percentage of the net asset value that each of the top 10 investments represents.

What is a document that contains financial information about a mutual fund called?

A prospectus is a formal document required by and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that provides details about an investment offering to the public. A prospectus is filed for offerings of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

How often are fund fact sheet updated?

Fund houses are stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to disclose certain specific information and thus fact sheets are to be made available on a monthly basis.

What is the understanding of fact sheet?

A fact sheet is a short, typed or hand-written document that contains the most relevant information about a particular subject in the least amount of space. The goal is to provide facts and key points about a topic in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand way.

What are the 4 types of mutual funds?

Most mutual funds fall into one of four main categories – money market funds, bond funds, stock funds, and target date funds. Each type has different features, risks, and rewards.

What is fact sheet in portfolio?

Fund fact sheets are published monthly by portfolio managers to give you important information about a portfolio, eg the risk profile, objectives, performance, asset allocations and other key features.

What information is typically included in a prospectus?

Type of security offered (like a mutual fund, bond, stocks, etc.) The issuing company's name, background, financial information, and other related information that gives you an idea about its fundamentals. Past performance. Risks.

Why create a fact sheet?

Fact sheets display key information in a visual manner to be easily digested by the reader. Due to their concision, topics for fact sheets need to be specific. If you are having difficulty fitting all the information on a single page, consider breaking the topic into sections and creating multiple fact sheets.

How to pick stocks using mutual fund portfolio fact sheets?

Check for common stocks in mutual fund schemes

In other words, select those schemes that displayed an impressive performance track record in both - bull and bear markets. Compare the stock portfolios of these mutual fund schemes/fund houses and filter out the stocks which they have in common.

Why might an investor not want to use a mutual fund?

However, mutual funds are considered a bad investment when investors consider certain negative factors to be important, such as high expense ratios charged by the fund, various hidden front-end, and back-end load charges, lack of control over investment decisions, and diluted returns.

What is a fact sheet template?

A fact sheet takes all the key information, figures, and facts about a specific topic and compiles it into one visually and easily digestible format. Many even include charts, files, images, and other graphics to showcase the information better.

What does fact file look like?

A fact file is a short report of all the most important information on one subject. This subject of a fact file can be a thing, a place or even a person. Fact files are great to help your child find out information about particular topics as they are quick and punchy ways to give information.

What is a professional fact sheet?

A fact sheet is a brief document that shares relevant information about a topic in a way that is easy for laypeople to understand. Fact sheets should: Include a title with the words Fact Sheet.

Are mutual funds still a good investment?

All investments carry some degree of risk and can lose value if the overall market declines or, in the case of individual stocks, the company folds. Still, mutual funds are generally considered safer than stocks because they are inherently diversified, which helps mitigate the risk and volatility in your portfolio.

Are mutual funds guaranteed?

Mutual funds given those bought through a bank -- are not guaranteed and are not insured. As with any investment, mutual funds always carry a risk. Depending on the type of investment objectives the fund has set, some types of funds may carry more risk than others.

How do you show proof of mutual funds?

Investment Proof: You can get investment proof for mutual fund investments by getting your statements from your distributor. Alternatively you can get a consolidated email statement for all your mutual fund investments, including your ELSS funds emailed to your inbox.

Which document must be provided to a mutual fund investor only upon request?

Section 3.3 of the Instrument requires that a mutual fund deliver or send to a person or company, upon request, a simplified prospectus or documents incorporated by reference.

What is the standard offer document for mutual funds?

Form NS is the Standard Offer Document for schemes launched by Mutual Funds under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996.

What is the difference between a mutual fund and an ETF?

Both can track indexes, but ETFs tend to be more cost-effective and liquid since they trade on exchanges like shares of stock. Mutual funds can offer active management and greater regulatory oversight at a higher cost and only allow transactions once daily.


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