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Our projects, activities and missions with which we want to unite all people.


  • Divine Energy Park Spiritual organization for development ofconsciousness,

    health, nature and peace

    Mirosevecka cesta 106, HR-10000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385-1-2981421; Mob: +385-91-161 7540, +385-91-254 5339

    E-mail: [emailprotected]

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    Celestial Bird is a symbol of the creation of the Golden Age anera free of suffering and disease.

    It embodies the purpose and actions of Divine Energy Parkcreating a strong individual and harmonious society

    through proper education and ancient techniques ofself-development of consciousness.

    ContentAbout us..................................................................................................4ProjectCelestial bird..........................................................................6DivineEnergy Park system................................................................10DivineHealth for children..................................................................16

    DEVELOPMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS........................................19Lectures and courses;Packages of knowledge; Teacher training course; Divine matrimony-cultivation of essence; Shine of prosperity and wealth;Publications

    DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH.........................................................30DivineHeath Program; Divine food; Divine medicine

    DEVELOPMENT OF NATURE.........................................................33Treeplanting program; Protect the water; Preserve the villages

    DEVELOPMENT OF PEACE with Divine Residence....................37

    Humanitarian Activities......................................................................40Publications...........................................................................................45Financesof Divine Energy Park - Income and expenses................48Donations why we need your help................................................50His Holiness ShriShivakumar Swamiji and Swami Urgaya .........53Acknowledgments...............................................................................54Contacts.................................................................................................55

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    About us

    Divine Energy Park is a spiritual organization for developmentof consciousness, health, nature and peace. The purpose of thisorganization is to enable every individual to develop his or herown mental potential and live a creative, prosperous and long lifein happiness and fulfilment. Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath haspassed on this secret knowledge of the Siddha masters from a 2,000years old tradition to Swami Urgaya. Together, they have foundedDivine Energy Park.

    Park is located in Zagreb (Croatia, Europe) and has been activefor 20 years in Europe (ex-Yugoslavian countries, Italy, Germany,Austria, Spain and France), India and Indonesia, through oureducational programs. The programs include presentations of anatural lifestyle, Divine Health Program courses, promotions of oureducative publications, package courses for schools and companies,educations of youth and families, courses on divine medicine,healing treatments for many diseases, humanitarian activities forabandoned and poor children and women and also ecologicalactivities of planting trees and protecting the environment. Over200,000 adults and children have been introduced to Divine HealthProgram.

    Divine Energy Park is a non-profit, non-governmentalorganization. Our activities are mainly financed through donationsand courses. The European centre is located in Croatia and isguided by Swami Urgaya.

    You can find out more on our web site: www.divineenergypark.orgor on Facebook pages: Divine Energy Park, Divine Energy Park India,Divine Energy Center Bali and Divine Energy Park Italy.

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    Project Celestial Bird

    In late 2010, during deep meditation, Swami Urgaya hasinaugurated the project Celestial Bird - a symbol of the creationof the Golden Age and invincibility for all people and nations. Itsappearance includes and stands for the universal symbol of love,compassion and peace, and affects the consciousness of theindividual and society, awakening inner qualities and peace. It isour wish that all people of the world unite in this idea and thatwe create a new era together, an era free of disease andsuffering.

    Celestial Bird is a universal symbol of love, compassion andpeace because we believe that:- Universal love awakens andtranscends cultural, ethnic, religious and racial differences. Withuniversal love, we can realize that we are all in truth oneconsciousness, and that together we build our own reality. Throughthis attitude, we will realize that the greatest progress lies inunity.- With compassion we can support and care for nature andothers, thus contributing to a better and more harmonious society,and consequently, ourselves.- Peace in the environment can beachieved by participating in residence workshops (intensiveworkshops of breathing and meditation). These workshops enhance theeffect of ancient techniques of self-awareness on

    collective peace and harmony in society.

    Divine Energy Park offers programs for current and futuregenerations to create a happy and fulfilled individual, and thehumane society of love, compassion and peace, through propertraining and self-development techniques. This program has thepower to eliminate suffering and disease from the life of theindividual and the world. Bad behaviour, negative thinking anddeviations in personality are a reflection of weakness.

    When a man raises his consciousness and his thought reaches thefinest level, his behaviour, his life and emotions become inharmony with natural laws harmonious and strong. This method ofeducation that leads to progress, prosperity and happiness willallow each individual, and thus the whole world, to grow towardsboundlessness, happiness and fulfilment. There is no need forsuffering, it is just a result or consequence of weakness ofspirit. Our true nature is the path to evolution and boundlessness.Therefore, now is the time to rise again and create a new, betterworld - The Golden Age and the nation of invincibility. Allcultures of the world have a basic desire to create a perfect andinvincible society. Invincibility of the society begins with theindividual. It is therefore of great importance to offereveryone

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    protection and the science of living in harmony with nature andnatural law are essential components for the quality of everydaylife.8) Divine medicine - healing with nature and cosmic energywill enable every man a deeper knowledge of reality and provide acomplete healing.9) Cultivating male and female energy -cultivation and proper use of sexual energy gives us health,youthfulness, mental stability, strength and mental clarity, andspiritual growth.10) Stella Maris (Kundalini) - Kundalini is theforce that drives the evolution of the entire creation andexistence and constitutes the essence of matter. A correctunderstanding of this principle and the ancient technique willallow us to develop our full potential.11) Sacred fire (Homa) -rituals of worship and bringing sacrifice to the sacred fire forthe purpose of healing is a powerful and ancient way of purifyingthe environment and the individual.12) Scientia Sacra - ancientscience of health, the universe, consciousness andenlightenment.

    Five modes of action

    1) Courses (basic and advanced courses)2) Lectures (introductorylectures, book presentations, DVD presentations and variousworkshops on the development of consciousness)3) Publications(books, magazines,

    the possibility of a complete education (about the inner andouter worlds) and the techniques by which we will be able to applyand experience the learned knowledge. The Divine Energy Parksoperation is based on the twelve pillars of knowledge that aremanifested through the five modes of action.

    Twelve pillars of knowledge

    1) Breathing techniques - with these techniques, we increase ourquality of life, strengthen and cleanse the body and achieveperfect health.2) Deep meditation - an ancient technique of soundmeditation has the power to take the awareness to the field ofsilence and infinity that will allow it to develop, awaken thesleeping mental potential and reach the field of happiness.3)Divine Body - subtle physical exercises for the body and mind,acupressure, massage and more will empower individuals to live freeof disease and suffering.4) Peace and meditation gathering -intensive group meditations prevent impending disasters or crime,create harmony, peace and happiness in the environment, andneutralize stress, negativity and deviations in the society.5)Shine of prosperity - correct attitude toward abundance, wealth,money and spirituality is very important for a healthy andfulfilling life.6) Divine Health for Children - children need to beprotected and taught how to grow in happiness and health and toachieve their potential.7) Divine food - the use of organic foods,the importance of nature

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    blogs, portals...)4) Divine residence (intensive workshops ofbreathing and meditation)5) Teacher training courses (basic andadvanced programs)

    Divine Energy Park systemBe healthy. Be wealthy. Be happy.

    That way you are going to live a long and peaceful life. ShriShivakumar Swamiji

    Divine Health Park system is structured in a holistic manner toenable individuals to awaken their potential, achieve health andhappiness, release stress and toxins in a simple and effortlessway. This ancient, over 2,000 years old knowledge can be appliedpractically in daily life and improve its quality.

    Basic course- Divine Health ProgramThe basic course that istaught at Divine Energy Park is called Divine Health Program. Atthe basic course, students are introduced to the ancient system ofknowledge with which they awaken health, happiness, increaseconcentration and memory, develop inner strength and stability.This program is simple, practical, quick and easy to learn and itsbenefits are noticeable after the very first practice. At theDivine Health Program

    course, you will learn the complete program which you cancontinue to practice independently at home. The course includes:*Breathing techniques for increasing energy and cleansing the bodyand consciousness* Mantra (sound) meditation releases deep-rootedstress and tensions and develops mental potential* Invoking cosmicenergy and omkara charging with cosmic energy and awakening thespiritual potential * Subtle exercises for body-spirit coherencyexercises for rejuvenating, cleansing and strengthening the bodyand calming the mind* Practical lectures on health, nutrition andmaintaining a quality of life

    After completing Divine Health Program, you can come to groupmeditation programs at Divine Energy Park, which are being held atspecified week days. The courses can be organized in Croatia, aswell as the rest of the world, wherever there is greater interestshown for attending our programs. Courses are held individually orin a group (depending on number of students). For a course to beorganized in other cities of Croatia and Europe there must be atleast 20 students signed up for the course.

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    What is divine breathing? Divine breathing are ancienttechniques that stimulate and increase energy, strengthen theinternal organs and thus regenerate and rejuvenate the body. Usingthese techniques, we achieve optimal functioning of the endocrine,nervous and digestive systems and gain mental and physicalstability. Breathing is the most important process of our body. Dueto an accelerated lifestyle, most people breathe incorrectly, usingonly 30-40% of their lung capacity. Our brain needs three timesmore oxygen than other organs. If it gets deprived of oxygen, itwill compensate this lack by taking it from other organs. This iswhy many people get exhausted physically as well as mentally. Up to60% of violence occurs because people do not know how to breathecorrectly. At the basic course, you will learn:

    Deep breathingIt brings the optimal amount of oxygen into thelungs, abdomen and brain, stimulates the proper functioning of theinternal organs, energizes the body, expands the lung capacity,activates the pineal and the pituitary glands, increases theactivation of neurons in the brain, removes depression, and relaxesand calms the mind.

    Anuloma-vilomaIt awakens dormant parts of the brain, balancesthe left and right brain hemispheres, activates the pineal and thepituitary glands, gives a balance to the body, stimulatesenthusiasm and raises the spirit, cures colds, sinus infections andheart blockages, clears the arteries and veins, improvescirculation, controls the cholesterol and blood fat levels and

    prevents heart attacks.

    KapalabhatiBrings the optimal amount of oxygen into the blood(pushing the accumulated prana from the abdomen into the blood andcells), rejuvenates the body and mind, increases mental potential,gives a peaceful and stable mind (no negative thoughts, depressionand anxiety), strengthens the abdomen and all organs inside theabdominal area, strengthens the reproductive organs, cures asthmaand all breathing problems, arteries blockages, heart and braindisorders, removes constipation and regulates blood sugar levels,shapes our body, gives radiance and glow to the face and softnessto the skin and cures all diseases.

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    What is meditation?Mantra (sound) meditation is a very powerfultechnique that simply and naturally leads you to a state ofcomplete tranquillity and relaxation. Using this technique, wereduce the accumulated stress, charge our batteries, developintuition, and improve our health and quality of life. Due to thehigh amount of stress in daily life, occur physical, mental andemotional problems. It is believed that stress causes up to 75% ofdiseases and 50% of deaths. Accelerated lifestyle and demands ofsociety put us in a situation where we are not in a position to getenough rest and relaxation. Therefore, meditation is the rightsolution for the modern man, because it charges our batteries withenergy and provides twice as much rest as the deepest sleep. Itrelieves stress and our body becomes stronger and more prepared forthe challenges and demands of today. Meditation is the mostpowerful way of harmonizing and regenerating the body, mind andspirit. Its influence extends deep into the cause of the problem,giving us a better perspective on activities and a betterrelationship with ourselves.

    Omkara and invoking cosmic energy OM is the royal mantra, fromwhich everything originates and where everything ends. It opensevery path the path of enlightenment, wealth, health and mentaldevelopment of consciousness. Omkara connects us to the cosmicenergy and awakens our dormant kundalini. It is like a zero, adialing code of the universe. Invoking cosmic energy and omkara arethe oldest solar breathing techniques that allow an individual tocharge with the powerful energy and gain a better quality of life.This technique will

    bring you a great energy increase in your body and mind andconnect you to the universe. This is a simple, yet powerful way toachieve all of our goals and desires.

    What are subtle exercises?At the basic course, you will learnhow to practice subtle exercises for spirit-body coherence that arepart of the ancient system of Siddhas. They give the flexibilityand smoothness to the nerves, purify the body, calm the mind,harmonize the endocrine and other body systems, rejuvenate theinternal organs and give mental peace. Subtle exercises stimulatedigestion, balance sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, andgive flexibility and the ability to the body and spirit to easilyadapt to the environment.

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    Divine Health for children

    Children are the most delicate flower of humanity, andtherefore, they should be nurtured, educated and strengthened inorder to handle the high demands placed upon them by theenvironment. Divine Health for Children is a course that willenable them to build health, self-esteem, stability, and a positiveattitude.

    Everything that a child experiences greatly influences the waythey will treat themselves and their surroundings in the future.Due to insufficient time spent outdoors in the fresh air andsunlight, poor diet, excessive stack of information that surroundus, and not enough activities that require arbitrary creativity,occurs disharmonious development, aggression, disorders andhostility among children. Breathing techniques, meditation anddevelopment of creativity will enable children to learn to listento themselves and build their confidence and good character.

    Children have great abilities and limitless capacity forlearning and broadening of consciousness. A good foundation isestablished and built up in childhood, so mastering the techniquesof breathing, upright posture, subtle physical exercises andexercises to develop the creativity are the ideal way to harmonizethe body and mind, develop strength and resilience, and prepare achild for the upcoming challenges. Divine Health for Children is aprogram that allows children to awaken their imagination, improveconcentration and harmonize the body and mind

    to help them learn and understand their environment. Thisprogram is designed for children and youth between 6 and 18 yearsof age.

    The course includes:* Breathing techniques-enable the correctand harmonious growth and development, more energy and relief fromdepression.* Animal imitating exercises and warming up-subtlephysical exercises to strengthen the coordination of mind and bodythrough a fun program that includes imitating various animals,slow-motion exercises and more.* Acupressure and activation of thebody-there are numerous points and channels that extend throughoutthe body. When these points are activated, we charge with energy,activate the dormant centers, remove blockages and strengtheninternal organs.* Celestial dream-development of creativity andconcentration -the imagination is the most important segment ofeducation and child development. Ancient techniques such ascelestial dream, exercises for concentration and other, will firethe imagination and enhance the creativity of children, providingthem an opportunity to express themselves.* Theoreticalknowledge-at the course, we will talk about the properunderstanding of ourselves and the environment, energy sources andhow to become strong, healthy and structured individuals.

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    Advanced coursesDivine Energy Park offers many advanced courses,which can

    upgrade your knowledge about body and consciousness and teachyou techniques of revitalization and rejuvenation of the body,development of consciousness, preserving health, healing thediseases etc. Some of the courses are:

    Divine BodyThis is an advanced course that teaches the ancientknowledge of the body and its functions, its relationship with themind and the ways to strengthen and rejuvenate it. At the course,you will learn the advanced techniques of breathing, mental andphysical exercises, asanas for the elimination of

    various diseases, the ancient technique of sun salutation, thevarious bandhas and mudras for locking and strengthening theenergy, acupressure healing by the pressure to certain marmas andnumerous advices for maintaining and improving your health throughbaths, teas, juices and self-massages.

    Patanjali Siddhi yoga Patanjali Siddhi techniques are theadvanced meditations through which one learns to act from thesubtlest level of our being. With regular practice of thesetechniques, we develop the optimal functioning of the nervoussystem and brain, and the perfect coordination of the spirit andbody. These techniques are also known as the royal meditation asthey extremely accelerate the persons evolution and make theactivity more fulfilled.

    Development of consciousnessWhen we learn how to enter thesilence and connect with our own

    being, our knowledge and possibilities become limitless. ShriShivakumar Swamiji

    Divine Energy Park has a goal to educate people on how to awakenand enter their own being, how to deal with life situations,depression, and develop happy, healthy and creative environment.For this purpose, we offer lectures, publications, basic andadvanced courses, specialized packages of knowledge that are formedaccording to age and occupation (for children, students, employees,managers) and teacher tanning courses.

    Lectures and coursesFor the last 15 years, we have been

    successfully organizing presentations, introductory lectures andDivine Health Program courses in Croatia, throughout Europe(Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany and France), India (Karnataka,Andra Pradesh) and Indonesia (Bali), where over 200,000 people havebeen

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    initiated into the program. We also hold lectures aboutdevelopment of consciousness, health, importance of preservingnature and creating peaceful environment and world.

    Packages of knowledgeDivine Energy Park wants to approach peoplethrough

    educational and scientific way of developing the mind and body.This kind of education is conducted through a variety of coursescalled packages of knowledge. These are group courses which areorganized in schools, companies or associations, to teach children,youth, workers and others how to cope with stress, learn easier,achieve and maintain a healthy body and spirit, and stimulate theircreativity and growth. Through this program, you learn meditation,breathing, subtle physical

    exercises and more.

    Packages of knowledge for children (6-14 years)Divine EnergyPark organizes group courses in schools to teach children how tocope with stress, learn more easily, and stimulate their creativityand growth. In this program, they learn meditation, breathing,physical exercises and programs for the development of creativity.In the future, we plan to open schools where a comprehensiveprogram

    and a study of this ancient knowledge would be taught. Thispackage of knowledge has been held at: - Elementary School AntunMihanovic, Zagreb, Croatia, 2008 and 2010 (one class)- SukrupaCommunity Development, Bangalore, India, 2002 (100 children)

    - Lions club Elementary School, Bangalore, India, 2002 (400children)- New Brilliant School, Udayanagar , Bangalore, India,2007 (600 children) - Madonna School, Udayanagar, Bangalore, India,2007 (500 children) - St.Laurence School, Kamakshipalya, Bangalore,India, 2007 (800 children) - Victory High school, Hyderabat, India,2008 (89 children and 7 professors)- Elementary SchoolVrpolje-Perkovic, Perkovic, Croatia, 2012. (one class)- ElementarySchool Trilj, Croatia, 2012. (28 children)

    Packages of knowledge for students and young peopleBecause ofthe exposure to large amounts of stress, young people face numerousproblems, such as lack of self-confidence, poor concentration,depression, fatigue, etc. There is a special program for

  • 2322

    and thus naturally contribute more to the company. The purposeand objective of the program is: Do less, achieve more. Thispackage of knowledge has been held at: - Powertronix company,Bangalore, India 2009- Richter d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia, 2009.-Sibenik Media d.o.o. (sibenskiportal.hr), Sibenik, Croatia, 2009.-Divine idea d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia, 2011.- Tau on-line d.o.o.,Zagreb (www.moj-posao.net), Croatia, 2012.

    Packages of knowledge for actors and modelsEveryday use of heavymake-up and other products brings toxins into the body cells, whichour bodies cannot eliminate. These toxins are the cause of acnes,wrinkles, puffy eyes, skin dryness, dry hair and split ends, etc.People in these professions are exposed to high levels of stressthat can ultimately cause anorexia, bulimia, lack ofself-confidence, depression, various physical and mental illnesses,etc. Divine Energy Park offers health packages that will educatepeople to naturally and easily maintain health and increase theirconfidence and radiance.

    students and young people, which allows them to expand theirhorizons and to discover their hidden potentials. With thisprogram, young people will be engaged in quality activity that willgive them new insight into a brighter and happier future. Thispackage of knowledge has been

    held at: - Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM),Zagreb, Croatia, 2008 and 2009- Student association eSTUDENT,Zagreb, Croatia, 2009- Private university Supera, Zagreb, Croatia,2010- Private university Adrianus, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010- NMVKG,Jajainagar, Bangalore, India, 2007 (50 girls)

    Packages for managers and employeesPackage of knowledge forcompanies offers a program for releasing tension, stress,increasing energy efficiency and enthusiasm among employees,managers and directors. People become more creative, moreeffective, more focused, healthier, more resistant to stress, havemore energy,

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    Teacher training courses

    Get involved in achieving our goal of creating a peaceful andharmonious society free of conflict and war, famine, disease andsuffering. One can experience the greatest field of happiness andfulfillment through helping others.

    Being a teacher and giving people the knowledge of health,happiness, and peace has the greatest benefit for us and ourenvironment. Divine Energy Park organizes courses where individualsare trained to become teachers of Divine Health Program, Divinebody, the Program for Children, Moon Water, Celestial dragon andmore.

    Until today, over 80 teachers have been certified. Their missionis to open Divine Energy Centres throughout the world andspread

    the knowledge of universal love, compassion and peace. Currentlyactive centres are located in Croatia, India, Italy, Spain, Turkeyand Indonesia.

    Divine matrimonyCultivation of essence

    Every human being has enormous energy potential and a greatcapacity for regeneration that are neglected and forgotten in themodern era. Unbalanced lifestyle and negative thinking lead toinappropriate behaviour, deviations, aggression and intolerancebetween the sexes.

    When we are under stress and unhealthy, we cannot have a properrelationship in marriage,

    family and society. In order to prevent this, we need propereducation and techniques by which we can relieve stress, tensionand depression and learn how to manage our energy. Divine EnergyPark conducts courses Moon water cultivation of female energy andHeavenly dragon cultivation of male energy, which teach the ancienttechniques of cultivating these energies and preserving health.

  • 2726

    Shine of prosperity and wealth

    Development and expansion are the nature of life and man. Onlywhen he grows and develops, a man can experience the fulfilment andhappiness. Human development is not only spiritual, just as successis not only material. These two things should be parallel, a personneeds to develop fully. Any eccentricity only leads to instabilityand frustration. Therefore, the proper relation to abundance,wealth, money and spirituality is of essential importance for ahealthy and fulfilling life. Wealth, abundance, fulfilment,spirituality and happiness are aspects of life that need to beproperly nourished by the technique of self-development, positiveattitude, selflessness and proper education.

    Lakshmi pujaLakshmi Devi is the brightest goddess who embodieseverything that is auspicious and abundant on Earth. She provides aloving relationship, physical and psychological health, materialwealth, and spiritual wisdom.

    Moon water- cultivating female energy The course Moon water isintended for women of all ages who want to approach theirfemininity in a different, both practical and spiritual way. Thisancient knowledge enables every woman to develop inner strength andcontentment, awaken her sensuality and femininity, and to

    regain and preserve her youthfulness. With a simple exerciseprogram, every woman can ensure the optimal functioning of herendocrine glands and the whole body, high energy levels and thusradiant health and self-confidence and the beauty inside and out.At this course, you will also learn more about the proper childconception, pregnancy and more.

    Heavenly dragon- cultivating male energy The course Heavenlydragon is taught in order to enable every man to refine and masterhis energy and mind, and heal the body naturally. Because of thehigh pollution, men are faced with many illnesses, ranging from avariety of infections to cancer and impotence, which are reallyjust a consequence of a stressful way of living and thinking, andan incomplete education on the body and mind. Regular practice ofthese techniques provides optimal functioning of the endocrine,reproductive, nervous and circulatory systems, a healthy body,positive attitude and harmony of the body and spirit.

    You can find more information on our web site:www.unityofhne.org

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    Through our publications, we are able to give knowledge of acreative way of life to every individual. We have published severalbooks with practical knowledge and exercises, which are written tocomplement our courses or spiritual practice. Up till now, we

    have managed to publish several publications about healthylifestyle, chakras and endocrine system, secrets of the Siddha,nutrition, alternative medicine, and herbs.

    By reading these publications, you can deepen your knowledgeabout consciousness and body... We are also publishing monthlyprograms for all practitioners and members, with the latest newsand events happening in Divine Energy Park. There are new issueswritten and waiting to be printed, which depends on finances andsponsorships More on publications can be found at the end of thebook.

    Worshiping Lakshmi Devi is a ritual that took place in ancienttimes, and has been preserved to this day. Personification ofLakshmi is actually a visualization that helps us refineconsciousness and develop this aspect of life in ourselves. Acorrect understanding of worshiping the goddess Lakshmi manifestsnot only in the acquisition of gold and money, but in thedevelopment of abundance in all aspects of life.

    His Holiness Shri Shivakumar Swamiji has inherited the ancienttradition of Raja Gurus, 2,000 years old, which includes thepractice of the invocation and worship of the goddess Lakshmi. Withthis blessing, you will solve your financial and spiritual problemsand obstacles and gain the protection and peace in the family. Weinvite you to Lakshmi Puja and her blessings every first Sunday ofthe month at 6:30 pm.

    Lucky coin At Lakshmi Puja, you will get a Lucky coin, blessedby Swami Urgaya. With this coin, you will never experience povertyin any aspect. Many people, who have received this blessing, havenoticed an improvement in their financial, health, family andbusiness situations. Money that you earn should not be used fornegative purposes, such as alcohol, drugs or gambling. It should beused for the joy of the family, children, friends, for the poor,and for your personal growth. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess whogives to those who are willing to give to others. Come and enjoythe gifts of Lakshmi!

  • 3130

    simple and comprehensive course designed for everyone, whetheryou are involved in art, science or something else. Divine HealthProgram includes breathing techniques, meditation, omkara, invokingcosmic energy and subtle mental and physical exercises. More aboutthe basic course can be found on our web page(www.divineenergypark.org).

    Divine food

    Food is of great importance for persons functioning, health andlife. If the food we eat is contaminated and of a low quality, thenour body is exposed to diseases, inertia and premature aging.Although food is one of the basic human needs, today people haveforgotten what it means to eat quality food. The excessive use ofpesticides is the reason more and more people today get diseasessuch as cancer, impotence and the like. Healthy, organic andunpolluted food is the prevention as well as the cure for manyphysical and mental illnesses.

    Divine Energy Park has started the project Natural food whichencourages and educates people about the natural production ofpesticide-free food and its use in everyday life. We are conductingprograms for education of children and adults on the effects thatfood has on our mind and behaviour. The goal of these activities isto revive the culture of proper nutrition and respecting thenature. When there is harmony between man and nature, the earthyields

    Development of healthThere is always something to be happyabout.

    Shri Shivakumar Swamiji

    Man naturally seeks balance and health, but due to the impropereducation, we are facing more and more diseases and problems. Theexternal cause of the disease can be an unhealthy way of the life,stress from the environment, contaminated food, water, air, etc.The internal causes are the mental and emotional imbalance,negative way of thinking, all kinds of trauma and impressions fromthe subconscious mind. In order to heal from the disease ormaintain health, we need

    the knowledge of spirit and body, which will enable us toproperly care for both.

    Divine Health Program At Divine Health courses, one can learnhow to achieve and maintain a perfect and complete health of themind and body. This program is a

  • 3332

    more fruit. Order and harmony within the individual are theprincipal terms and fundamentals that affect the yield and qualityof food. Respect for nature, the earth and the proper training onthe use of ecological farming methods will enable the evolution andprogress of humanity and nature.

    Divine medicine

    Divine medicine is an ancient system of healing that approacheshealth and healing holistically. This medicine includes completeknowledge about the inner and outer healing of people, animals andnature. Shri Shivakumar Swamiji passed down to Swami Urgaya theknowledge about this medicine that has been passed down from guruto disciple for thousands of years.

    This system is based on the observation of the laws of nature,living in harmony with it, and balancing the man with the cosmicforces. This medicine is very simple, practical, and accessible toeveryone. For healing treatments or divine medicine courses, youcan contact Divine Energy Park.

    Development of natureThere is more perfection in a single dropof water, than in all the

    machines invented by men. Albert Einstein

    More and more plant and animal species disappear each day.Protect your environment by waste disposal and recycling, feed thebirds and other small animals, they will be grateful for it. Natureis a living organism that allows us to live and gives us beauty.Its preservation is of vital importance to us. Therefore, join theprojects of preserving the environment and contribute to thequality of your own life and your environment. For this purpose, wehave started the following projects:

    Tree planting programForests are crucial for nature and itscycles. Their majestic

    appearance sustains life on Earth by producing oxygen, which isessential for all living beings. Tree has a wide range of effectson the natural cycle it keeps the soil from erosion, preventsflooding, makes the soil fertile,

  • 3534

    retains moisture in the soil, affects groundwater, collects dustfrom the air, has an impact on precipitation and much more. Forestsonce covered almost two thirds of the land, and to date, thisfigure was reduced to half. It is therefore

    very important to preserve existing trees and plant new ones.Through this project, we teach people the importance of forestpreservation and encourage them to plant trees. The program isconducted in: Croatia (Petrinja, Samobor), India (Bangalore,Bidar).

    You can start by planting 10 trees

    Benefits of forests and trees:- they produce oxygen that isessential to life - they collect dust and absorb carbon dioxidethat is harmful for the environment- they make water drinkable andbeneficial for human health - they nurture and enrich soil- theyprotect from floods- they diminish the harmful effects of globalwarming

    Protect the water

    The emergence of cultures and civilizations has always beenclosely associated with drinkable water. They have evolved anddiminished because of its use. Man has always wanted to tame thebrute force of the water and his efforts have resulted in massivepollution and destruction of what he actually needs the most. Whenwe have plenty of water, we do not think about its importance.

    Shortage of drinking water in the world is already becoming aproblem, although many still do not notice it. It is therefore ofgreat importance that we pay more attention to the recklessspending of water and the use of harmful chemicals in households,agriculture and the like, so that we can protect and preserve theecosystem. All chemicals we throw in the toilet, do our laundrywith and use in agriculture end up in ground waters, which form thebasis of the entire ecosystem. Therefore, protect the water inorder to protect yourself and the environment in which we live.

    What we can do:- use water rationally- use biodegradabledetergents and household products (phosphate-free)- use naturalfertilizers, do not throw trash near the river- recycle waste

  • 3736

    Preserve the villages

    Through our subsidiaries located on farms near Bjelovar,Tribunj, Sisak and Koprivnica, we are promoting natural nutrition,growing organic food without the use of chemical fertilizers,pesticides or herbicides. During the courses and workshops weinvite people from nearby villages to supply natural foods. In thisway, we protect and encourage small businesses and villagers.

    This humanitarian project includes education of families livingfrom agriculture. When families practice meditation, breathing,healing techniques and organic agriculture, they achieve success inthe agricultural field as a harmonious united family that knows howto deal with everyday challenges, tensions and stress. This is acomprehensive program with the aim to bring awareness of thedangers of chemicals and their harmful effects on humans, animalsand plants.

    Development of peacewith Divine residence

    Unity, compassion and tolerance are the steps to creating peaceon Earth. Shri Shivakumar Swamiji

    The need and desire for peace and harmonious co-existence isalways present in the minds of people, at the level of anindividual, family, society, nation and the world. Although anindividual is only a small unit of the entire society, one cangreatly contribute to overcoming of these problems, because,creating a peaceful world begins with peaceful individuals. DivineEnergy Parks conducts Divine residence workshop through whicheach

    individual can act on a global level by learning to live inaccordance with Natural law; develops consciousness, care towardsnature, animals and spread message of peace in the environment.Divine residence is the key by which we achieve and create harmony,peace and happiness in the environment, neutralize stress,negativity and deviations of the society. When we meditate in agroup, we radiate harmony and coherence of much greater power thanwhen we meditate individually.

  • 3938

    to work together on global peace.

    Invincibility for all nations

    Our physiology has the ability to use the unlimited potential ofconsciousness. The problem is that we do not know how toachieve

    this. Divine Health Program and Divine residences are the meansby which each individual has the opportunity to taste and use thislimitlessness, bliss and fulfilment. In the past, civilizationsconquered and defended themselves through stress, killing andweapons. The

    consequence of this was even greater suffering and frustration.This manner of behaviour is the lack of knowledge about the truevalue of life. The power of the nation is not in arms, but in theconsciousness. When the consciousness of the nation is strong,peace and harmony are present in society. Then no negative externalforce can penetrate into the nation, it gradually protects anddevelops itself. Divine Energy Park offers a program of divineresidences, whose power acts on the collective consciousness of thenation, strengthening and elevating it to the field of unlimitedcosmic intelligence. With these programs, a person becomes themaster of his fate and respects the law of nature and life. Theseprograms will allow each nation to develop the economy, educationand power. This is a simple way of unity, harmony and progress forall nations and races. Join us in this program to create the GoldenAge.

    Intensive group meditations have the power to prevent disastersor crime. It has been found that it takes only 1% of the populationthat regularly performs these workshops in order to feel theeffects and impact of the increased harmony and order in theenvironment. The theory of 1% has been scientifically proven inmany studies of effects in nature. For example, it is sufficientthat only 1% of the cells in the brain work in harmony for thewhole brain to function harmoniously; it takes only one crystal inthe solution to induce crystallization of the entire solution, tostart the emission of the laser beam it is enough that 1% of theparticles of light act coherently... These workshops last for threedays or more and allow people to relax deeply, deepen theirexperiences and listen to various lectures about the spirit,consciousness, health and

    regeneration Group meditation is the key in todays age by whichwe can ensure a future we want. Workshops are held in Europe, Indiaand Indonesia. We would like to invite all who are interested tojoin our goal

  • 4140

    Humanitarian activities

    In our desire to help others, we organized humanitarian projectsaround the world where we gave free education and initiations forpoor and homeless children, women and villagers in poor countriesand groups of people suffering from PTSD, multiple sclerosis andbreast cancer.

    Teaching at schools and orphanages in India and Indonesia

    Divine Energy Park leads humanitarian projects in India andIndonesia since 2002, and offers a comprehensive program for allschools in India, Bali and broader, where children can learnmeditation, breathing techniques and creativity developmentprogram. The results are wonderful children are becoming happier,more creative and focused on their studies. In this way, the formalschool education is enriched and more comprehensive. The task ofDivine Health Program is to broaden the capability of learning andmemory through deep relaxation and the experience of transcendentalconsciousness. During the last 9 years, over 10,000 children wereinitiated into Divine Health Program.in India...January 2002 andSeptember 2004, Bangalore , India- Sukrupa Community Development,www.sukrupa.com 100 children

    - Lions club Elementary School, in cooperation with Mr. RabinderChawla, the distinguished member of the club and a well known Citraplayer 400 children- Ekata Charitable Trust*, Peenja ashram,Bangalore 100 children

    August and October 2007, Bangalore, India: - New BrilliantSchool, Udayanagar (elementary school) - 600 children - MadonnaSchool, Udayanagar (elementary school) - 500 children - St.LaurenceSchool, Kamakshipalya (elementary school) - 800 children - NMVKG,Jajainagar (college for girls) - a group of 50 girls - SumangaliSeva Ashram*, Cholanayakanahalli (orphanage)- 150 children- Ekatacharitable Trust*, Peenja Ashram (orphanage and school for childrenwithout one or both parents, and shelter for abused women) - 150children and 30 women December 2008, Hyderabat, India - VictoryHigh school (elementary

  • 4342

    school) - 89 children and 7 professorsApril 2009, Bangalore,India - Ekata Charitable Trust*, Peenja ashram, Bangalore(orphanage) - 150 children and 30 women

    .in Bali, Indonesia...Since 2008, there were several freeworkshops conducted for the native people and villagers of Bali* Weprovide financial support to Sumangali Seva Ashram and EkataCharitable Trust with occasional donations. For all these projects,the financial support is necessary to provide food, clothes, schoolmaterial, invalid aids and equipment. In that respect, we arelooking for donors and sponsors to support those projects.

    We believe... that every child has the right to education in theopportunity for perfect health of every child in the development ofconsciousness in children, the ability of better learning, memoryand concentration in reducing tension and criminal behaviour inchildren as well as developing proper social behaviour inindividual acting on the development of the world and peace

    In Croatia- Association of women suffering from breast cancer,Vita, Ploce, 2012. - Association of women suffering from breastcancer Sisak, 2012. (20 participants)- Club of woman suffering frombreast cancer, Split- Association for Inclusion Lastavice, Split,2012 (9 teachers) - Breathing workshop in the Penguin Club, LeMeridien Lav, Split,.2012. (10 kids and adults)

    Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    Divine Energy Park organizes courses for those exposed to wartraumas in ex-Yugoslavia countries. This program is conducted in:Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.We plan to start a series of workshops teaching breathingtechniques and providing divine medicines to eliminate stress anddepression.

  • 4544

    Multiple sclerosis

    Divine Energy Park has organized a humanitarian course at thepremises of the association MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY, wherestudents have completed an intensive course in breathing andpsycho-physical exercises. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of anunknown cause and even today it is considered non curable. Manystudies reveal that breathing exercises, together withpsycho-physical exercises, can provide relief and even cure thedisease and revitalize the entire system.

    This package of knowledge has been held at: Multiple sclerosisassociation Split, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (20 students) and Zagreb,November 2009.

    PublicationsOf Divine Energy Park

    DIVINE HEALTH PROGRAM - Breathing, Meditation and Invokingcosmic energy Divine Health Program is a book that will help you toachieve a healthy body and spirit in a simple and easy way. Thebook describes the systems of the body and mind, subtle physicalexercises for the regeneration and rejuvenation, basic breathingtechniques, meditation, and many tips on proper nutrition andhealth. The book was written as a manual, with which you can easilyand effortlessly learn and practice these ancient techniques.

    DEEP MEDITATION sound meditationDeep Meditation is a book thatconcisely explains the secret and power of sound and its effect onthe environment and individuals. The book describes a process andpurpose of mantra meditation, stress and tension elimination, howgroup meditations affect the collective consciousness, mantra yogascience, states of consciousness, physical and subtle

  • 4746

    structures of human body, and many more. This meditative book isfirst step to understanding the value of meditation in oneslife.

    DIVINE BODY Asanas, pranayamas and mudrasThis book was writtenas a sequel of the book Divine Health Program. It describesadvanced techniques of subtle physical exercises, program of asanasfor various ages, sun salutation (surya namaskar), advancedpranayamas, mudras and bandhas, self-massages for the relaxationand healing, baths, fasts and other tips for nurturing the body andmind. If you practice Divine Health

    Program for five months or more, this will be a valuable manualfor your sadhana.

    MOON WATER Cultivation of female energyMoon Water is a bookabout the cultivation of female energy. This book contains detaileddescriptions of exercises for the treatment of internal and sexualorgans, exercises for rejuvenation, curing various infections,pranayamas for energy and beauty, and more. In this book, SwamiUrgaya reveals the greatest secrets of this ancient tradition.

    DIVINE HEALTH FOR CHILDRENThis book teaches children and youngpeople how to awaken their awareness through play, developcreativity and relieve stress and disease. The book describes thetechniques of breathing, subtle physical exercises, visualizationexercises and the development of creativity, and gives practicaland simple tips to maintain and improve health.

    DIVINE RESIDENCE - Intensive workshop of group meditation andbreathingDivine Residence is a little booklet which describes theimportance of group meditation and prayer for the world peace.Happiness lies in the unity of all people in this world. DivineEnergy Park conducts these seminars in which people, through theintense meditation and breathing techniques, reach deep withinthemselves, relieve stress and tension and in this way spread peaceand happiness in their homes, streets, society, nation and theentire world.

    DIVINE SMILE - Melody of the bodyDivine Smile is a bookletintended for those who wish to deepen their knowledge andexperience of the body and spirit and resolve various external andinternal negativity. The booklet describes a technique forenergizing and creating a positive attitude, chakra meditation,rejuvenation techniques, etc.

  • 4948

    Divine Energy Parks financesINCOME AND EXPENSES

    Divine Energy Parks incomeThe high quality of Parks activitiesis insured mostly due to the income from educational programs andworkshops (Divine Health Program courses held across the world,monthly workshops of 3 and 5 days). These make the highest share ofour income (67%) and they finance most of our activities andprograms. Divine Energy Park largely depends on donations (29%).Donations in both money and equipment have helped us supply thePark, office and meditation rooms with equipment like the faxmachine, photocopier, mats and pillows for meditation, etc. A smallpart of our income comes from selling our publications and otherproducts (handmade eco candles etc.) and ancient medicinetreatments (4%).

    Divine Energy Parks expensesThe Park expenses include theprinting of our publications,

    monthly programs and other printed materials necessary for thecourses (fliers, posters, brochures), the expenses of the Parksofficial car, mailing, telephone bill, office supply, gifts formembers, investments in work materials audio and videolectures(33%). The majority of the expenses refer to renting thehouse in which Divine Energy Park is situated, and its maintenance(42%). A part of the donations has been used to equip the Parkpremises and to ensure their regular maintenance (13%) (computers,fax machine, photocopier mats, pillows, plants). The Park investson a regular basis in farmsteads (Petrinja, Bjelovar, Koprivnica,Sibenik) breeding vegetables, fruits and grains without chemicalfertilizers or pesticides. Investments are made in healthynutrition and only healthy meals are served during workshops (7%).Due to the lack of financial resources, only 5% of expenses referto marketing costs (advertising in magazines, web advertising,space rent for courses outside of the Park facilities, fairs).

  • 5150

    Donations WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP?

    Divine Energy Park is a non-profit, non-governmentalorganization, and most of our activities are funded by donationsand courses. We cover our own travel expenses, humanitarianactivities, environmental projects and the like. Therefore, anyfinancial support is always welcome. Many volunteers

    around the world are helping the work of Divine Energy Park, inorder to realize our goal and create Heaven on Earth together. Weare currently financing the work of two of our volunteers in India,who are teaching courses in schools and orphanages, leadingenvironmental projects of planting trees, and supporting the workof Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath.

    How have we managed to do that? We are dedicated to our goal andled by Swami Urgaya. Everyone

    is specialized in his/her activity. With the help of manyvolunteers, members and donors, we manage to realize our mission.You can also

    be a part of this team, together with our loyal contributors.Working together, we can realize our plans and projects. We inviteall who want to help to find out more about our programs. All thisemphasizes the need for the successful modern education and theurgent need to create and accept the approach to life based on thecomplete Consciousness. Therefore, if you can in any way help ourorganization and the realization of our world programs participatein donations, volunteer and help us organize courses throughout theworld.

    General information for donations With your donation, youcontribute to the realization of the Parks mission and projects.You can donate for a specific project, or generally to Parks annualfund. You can donate in one payment or in rates. With any amountand financial contribution, you are participating and helping infundraising for all abovementioned projects. Divine Energy Park isa non-profit non-governmental organization, thus all donations aretax-free.

    To all who wish to be mentioned, we enable:- Advertising spaceon our web site and newsletters- Advertising in our brochures andmonthly editions- Advertisem*nts and acknowledgment on the firstpages of our publications, which are distributed to libraries,bookshops and health food stores across the world- To attend ourbasic course of breathing and meditation Divine Health Program.

  • 5352

    How to donate?

    1) Cash payment to Parks bank account:On behalf of: DivineEnergy Park, Mirosevecka cesta 106, 10040 Zagreb, Croatia,EuropeBank: ZAGREBACKA BANKA d.d., Paromlinska 2, 10 000 Zagreb,Croatia, EuropeDomestic account number: 23600001101455964Foreign-exchange account number: IBAN HR6323600001101455964, SWIFT ZABA HR 2XDescription of payment:donation 2) By check

    You can follow your investments in the projects, costs andexpenses and further humanitarian work through our financialreports.

    You can also support us by: 1) Volunteering2) Forwarding thisnotice to a friend3) Liking us on our Facebook page (under DivineEnergy Park) and inviting others to support us4) Inviting us toconduct (free) introductory lectures at your school, companyetc.

    His Holiness Shri Shivakumar Swamiji and Swami Urgaya

    Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath, together with Swami Urgaya,founded Divine Energy Park with a desire to enable each person toachieve a healthy body, mind, and their full potential. ShriShivakumar Swamiji has dedicated his life to helping people.

    During the 50 years of his intensive work, he has healed severalmillions of people, and his blessing helped them economically,socially, and spiritually. Prominent people, scientists,politicians, and presidents of India have asked him for help andadvice on personal and business plan.

    For the past eight years, Swami Urgaya has been learning fromShri Shivakumar Swamiji and has inherited from him the ancientSiddha tradition. The knowledge he has gained from Shri ShivakumarSwamiji, among other things, includes meditation, pranayamas,ancient medicine, and psycho-physical exercises. He has taughtmeditation, breathing, and invoking cosmic energy to more than200,000 people (of which about 15,000 children). Together withSwamiji, he has initiated a variety of humanitarian projects inIndia and abroad with the aim to

  • 5554

    teach children meditation, breathing, the ancient wisdom of theSiddhas, and the importance of nature preservation. In the lastthree years, he has trained 50 teachers who are now active inEurope, India, and Indonesia, spreading the message of universallove, compassion, and peace.

    AcknowledgmentsWe wish to express our gratitude to our faithfuldonors for their donations both

    in money and goods.

    We thank all of you who are with us every step of the way, aswell as those who may not be with us always, but help us and thinkof us.

    We thank everyone who has come and gone, known and unknown, whohave created and developed the ancient divine wisdom andscience.

    We thank His Holiness Shri Shivakumar Swamiji who has beenadvising and guiding us to achievements and projects of DivineEnergy Park.

    We thank all other Siddha gurus who change this world throughdeep meditations.

    Contacts Europe, CroatiaDivine Energy ParkMirosevecka cesta 106,10 040 ZAGREB, Croatia, EuropeE-mail: [emailprotected]:+385 1 2981421 (Mon-Sat, 11 am till 2 pm), Mob: +385 91 1617540 or+385 091 2545 339, Petrawww.divineenergypark.org

    India: Universal Divine Foundation, No. 66/67, 5th Main, KHBRoad, Ranka Nagar, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore - 560 032, IndiaE-mail:[emailprotected]; Mob: +91 9902147742, AnaBali: Divine EnergyCenter Bali, JL-Raya Pantai Pererenan, Villa Pererenan, Kavling 2,Canggu, Bali, IndonesiaE-mail: [emailprotected]; Mob: + 62819 330 11 77, Ines Hornlein

  • 56

    Divine Energy Park, spiritual organization for development ofconsciousness, health, nature, and peaceEditor: Divine EnergyParkPublisher and designers: Divine Energy Park, Zagreb, Croatia,2013. Translation: Renata Kos

    Copyright Divine Energy Park, Zagreb, CroatiaSpiritualorganization for development of consciousness, health, nature, andpeace

    e-mail: [emailprotected]; www.divineenergypark.org

    A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from theNational and University Library in Zagreb under 836498 ISBN-978-953-98820-8-0

    Divine Energy Park, spiritual organization for development ofconsciousness, health, nature, and peace/Divine Energy Park/1stedition- Zagreb: Divine Energy Park, 2013.

Supra-Celestial Being.Supra celestial beings

Chapter 2 Celestial Motions. Fig. 2.1 The Celestial Sphere To understand the idea of the celestial sphere…

Celestial Mapping

Celestial Navigator

Celestial Darknessv10

Celestial Formation

Celestial illusions

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Biolabs

Celestial Formations

Celestial Darknessv9

Celestial Heirarchy

Celestial Marriage

Celestial Codex

Coro Celestial

Celestial Motions And Celestial Sphere

Celestial Tarot

Cleric Celestial

Celestial bodies

Celestial Mechanics

Celestial Glow


Celestial Darknessv11

Celestial Observations


Celestial Objects

Celestial navigation

Celestial Journey

Celestial City

CELESTIAL BIRD - excathedra.co.ukexcathedra.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/SIGCD543-booklet.pdf· The album’s title, Celestial Bird , is from a setting of a mystical poem by

celestial preview

Celestial Beer

Celestial Cow

Celestial Butterflies

Celestial Voices

Celestial Bird - [PDF Document] (2024)


Is Go Tell It On the Mountain a true story? ›

Go Tell It on the Mountain is a 1953 semi-autobiographical novel by James Baldwin.

How many pages is The Dream of a Ridiculous Man? ›

Top reviews from other countries

Received the hardcover version, which is approximately 100 pages, the first 80 being "The Super Easy Vegan Korean Cookbook", with the Dream of a Ridiculous Man making up the last 20 pages or so. Not sure how that came to be.

What is Go Tell It On the Mountain by James Baldwin about? ›

In Go Tell It on the Mountain, author James Baldwin describes the course of the fourteenth birthday of John Grimes in Harlem, 1935. Baldwin also uses extended flashback episodes to recount the lives of John's parents and aunt and to link this urban boy in the North to his slave grandmother in an earlier South.

Why was Go Tell It on the Mountain banned? ›

Reasons: Sexual Content, Profanity, Violence

According to the ACLU of Massachusetts, Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin has been challenged and banned for alleged “sexual content," “profanity," and “violence."

What is John's sin in Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

Take, for example, the incident on the morning of his birthday, when John's thoughts turn to his "sin" of masturbating while thinking of the older boys. In addition to the anonymous boys whom John recalls in the lavatory, there seems to be one person for whom John has a special affinity. That is Elisha.

How long will it take to read the dream of a ridiculous man? ›

The average reader will spend 1 hour and 38 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

When did Dostoevsky write The Dream of a Ridiculous Man? ›

A short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky written in 1877. It begins with a man walking St. Petersburg's streets while musing upon how ridiculous his life is, as well as its distinct lack of meaning or purpose.

What is the dream of a mad man Dostoevsky? ›

“The Dream of a Ridiculous Man” is a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky written in 1877. Narrated by the “ridiculous man” of the title, it recounts the man's experience with nihilism leading up to his decision to die by suicide. A chance encounter with a distraught little girl compels him to delay the act.

What disease did James Baldwin have? ›

After a short battle with stomach cancer, Baldwin passed away on November 30, 1987 in his house in St. Paul de Vence. A week later, he was laid to rest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City and buried at the Ferncliff Cemetery in New York.

What happened to John at the end of Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

At the end of James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain, after a dusk-to-dawn prostration before God at the altar of his church, John, the fourteen-year-old protagonist, gives his soul to Christ.

What does the church symbolize in Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

This church acts as an anchor for its members and promises them the riches of heaven when their poverty-filled lives end. It provides a community in which people can find support and guidance and share their trouble and their happiness with like-minded people.

What is the history behind the hymn Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

The hymn is inspired by the Biblical narrative of the shepherds in Luke 2:8-20, who spread the news of Jesus' birth, akin to proclaiming it from the mountains. There shone a holy light. That hailed our Savior's birth. That blessed Christmas morn.

Is My Side of the Mountain Based on a true story? ›

My Side of the Mountain is not based on a true story, but the skills that Sam learns and the ways he applies them are quite accurate in terms of real survival tips. Jean Craighead George was an amateur expert in wilderness survival and incorporated her knowledge into many of her works.

What does the mountain symbolize in Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

Mountains are symbolic of the “narrow” and difficult way of the holy life in Go Tell It on the Mountain. Indeed, mountains are named directly in Baldwin's title, and he repeatedly references them throughout the novel.

How old was James Baldwin when he wrote Go Tell It on the Mountain? ›

In 1953, Baldwin's first novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain, a semi-autobiographical bildungsroman was published. He began writing it when he was only seventeen and first published it in Paris. His first collection of essays, Notes of a Native Son appeared two years later.


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